Process Automation and Control

We have a wide range of services that we offer mainly Project Management Services along with Design and Engineering Services.

Our Services

At AOS Orwell, we combine Process Engineering, Process Control and Advanced Computer Knowledge that is customized to maximize the Oil and Gas Production Process at operating facilities.

All our processes are managed in-country with highly skilled personnel. We leverage experienced Analyzers combined with cutting edge Computer Technology on local and remote oil and gas operating facilities. By so doing, we monitor, anticipate and control operations in order to maximize process safety, save cost and improve overall operations.

Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS)

This is a combination of technologies that combine elements of Process Control and Functional Safety into one single composition.

We have the largest ICSS facility in Africa thus, we are able to provide cutting edge system integration for the Oil, Gas, Power, Renewable, Water and Healthcare Industries.

Our ICSS provides both control and safety functions as a whole package or as separate services.

Control Systems

Our range of products include: Delta V with CHARMS; Delta V SIS; Ovation (power & water); Scada (Roc/Flowboss) and Hima third party PLCs. With this, we are able to control safe and reliable outputs that are essential to the successful operation of our clients’ assets.

We offer a wide range of bespoke control systems like:

  • backup & recovery
  • patch management
  • log book
  • system health monitoring and analysis
  • cyber security management
  • spare parts management
  • sustain legacy systems
  • operator training simulators
  • site surveys
  • services and healthcare
  • system upgrades and hardware/software modifications
Engineering Design and Project Management

We strive to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients in this industry as well as in the pharmaceutical sector. Our diverse team of experts have several years of industry experience that can potentially increase value at each stage of the project. We are extremely professional in our approach and provide total support throughout the project cycle.

Safety Systems

AOS Orwell works with some of the largest operators in some of the most unsafe industries, where robust and reliable safety systems are a MUST if lives, property and the environment are to be protected.

Our safety systems reduce risk by providing accurate and reliable information needed for preventive action, offering enough time to shut off systems or evacuate areas prior to an emergency.

Our safety solutions include:

  • emergency shut down systems
  • fire and gas detection and control

very early warning against aspirating smoke detection system; high intensity pressure protection systems; rotating equipment safety and control; SIL calculation and conformity and fire and gas mapping and philosophy.

Fire & Gas Safety Services

AOS Orwell provides you with the experience and competence best suited for a cost-effective, compliant system that can guarantee protection for your assets.

Instrumentation & Analytical

AOS Orwell supplies a top-notch selection of analytical instruments for use throughout every stage of production and processing.

Our products and services deliver cost-effective and accurate solutions that feature world-class performance.

We service the chemical and petrochemical refining and aeronautical industries; field instrumentation; analyzers; complete gas analysis and much more.

Commissioning & Startup Services

We provide site installation and star up services using our trained and certified system engineers for installation, commissioning and startup of distributed controls systems, safety instrumented system and fire and gas systems, SCADA, PLCs and HMIs.

We also offer Third party integration support for communication with other vendor equipment using OPC, Serial and Profibus connectivity. We also offer Specialist post start-up services such as tuning for process optimization, increased throughput and efficiency and alarm management.

Finally, we provide the much needed local support to site teams for update of as-built documentation in ACAD/IN tools.

Electrical & Power Solutions

Our modern electrical solutions are designed to handle the pressure and demands across every part of the oil and gas industry.

We ensure that your pipeline’s energy is optimized and that there is process safety and reliability for offshore production, with an uninterrupted safety management solutions.