Integrated Maintenance Service Contracts

Preventive Maintenance Routine (PMR)

Each of Company’s Operated Assets has a Preventative Maintenance strategy which is realized through a series of Preventative Maintenance Routines (PMR). Contractor executes specific PMR’s within a scheduled time frame according to the work pack issued by Company.

Corrective Maintenance Routine (CMR)

Contractor executes specified Corrective Maintenance Routines (CMR) within a Company specified time frame, based on material, resource and plant availability required to execute the task. Corrective maintenance on the live plant shall be carried out as and when required. All corrective maintenance activities shall be executed in line with the Company procedures and recognized equipment manufacturers’ manual.


Mechanical Maintenance activity on equipment including but not limited to Air Coolers, Columns, Pumps, Engines, Gas Compressors, Air Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Vessels and Tanks, Piping and Piping elements, Valves up to 72”diameter (Manual Valves, Relief Valves, Non-Return Valves), Control Valves, Valve Interlock Systems, Filters, Loading Arms, Lifts and Overhead Cranes, Packaged Equipment etc. This includes inspection, condition monitoring, spading and de-spading, overhaul/ refurbishment, tensioning, replacement,greasing, lube oil changes, certification and recertification, etc.


Electrical Maintenance activity on equipment including but not limited to HV & LV Switchgear and motors, Generators, Transformers, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Batteries, Circuit Breakers and Junction Boxes, Cathodic Protection, Earthing System, Heaters, Cables, Portable electrical equipment and tools etc. This includes isolation and de-isolation, inspection, condition monitoring, certification and recertification, functional tests, test runs, overhaul and replacement, etc.


Instrumentation Maintenance activity on equipment including but not limited to Control Valves, Actuators, Fire and Gas Systems, Analysers, Control Systems, Gauges, Junction Boxes, Transmitters, Quality Monitoring instruments, Custody Transfer instruments, Meters etc. This includes inspection, condition monitoring, functional testing, calibration, certification and recertification, commissioning, leak detection, overhaul and replacement, IPF testing etc;


Civil and Infrastructure Maintenance activity on equipment including but not limited to Marine Facilities (jetties assets above water, shore protection systems), Paving and Road Systems (including bridges, culverts and rainwater drainage systems), Plant Buildings (including electrical and control buildings, compressor and turbine shelters, workshops, warehouses etc.), Concrete Structures and Foundation (including concrete basins and pits, foundation of equipment and structures), Steel Structures (including Equipment water systems, firewater systems, drainage and sewage systems), Storage tanks foundations and bound walls, etc. This includes inspection and condition monitoring.

Metering Systems

Design & Supply of Liquid & Gas metering solutions – Fiscal & Non fiscal metering skids, LACT units.

In-Country Fabrication and assembly of metering skids conveniently located in AOS Orwell Port Harcourt.

Fully equipped local engineering facility of over 2000sqm that includes a covered workshop bay and covered ICSS panel & systems staging area.

Certified international fabrication facilities with high level of project execution quality and safety.

Annual Metering system Maintenance.

Health Checks

Uncertainty checks

Meter proving and meter verifications

Suggestions and recommendations

Adjustments as Needed

Metering systems upgrade.

On-site Training and Class-room Training

Spare Parts & Measurement Calibration Services

Troubleshooting / Diagnostics

Metering proving/verification

Meter calibration (Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Vortex etc)

Meter validation

Flow computers (S600, S600+ FB107, FB103, ROC)

Gas Chromatographs

Mobile Prover calibration services (coming soon)

Modular Solutions

Skid Mounted Chemical Injection Packages : Design, Fabrication, Testing, Supply & Commissioning

Gas and Air Compressor Modules: Design, Production, Integration, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance

PLC, SCADA, HMI : Control Panels, Programming, Re-Configuration, Spare Supply

Well Head Control Systems : Design & Manufacturing, Commissioning, Maintenance & Servicing

Other Custom Fabricated Solutions:

Sampling Systems

Pressure Testing Units

Lube Oil Systems

Dry Gas Seal Systems


Odorization Skids

Fuel Gas Systems

Corrosion prevention injection systems

Rotating Equipment

Air & Gas Compressor design, supply, installation, commissioning, Operation & Maintenance

Engines – Supply of Gas-powered engine, components parts, systems and services as is applicable to:

Oil, gas, and process industries

Shipbuilding industry


Power generation

Compressor components, systems and services on:

Reciprocating Compressors (Ariel, Thomassen, Superior, Nuovo Pignone, Dresser Rand)

Reciprocating Compressor valve (plate valves) Reconditioning.

We are exclusive partners of M/s Hoerbiger in Nigeria

Oil, gas, and process industries

Refrigeration and air-conditioning applications

Automotive applications

Pumps – Centrifugal (API 610 & Non-API):

Process Pumps

Chemical Pumps

Boiler feed pumps

General utility pumps

Refrigeration and air-conditioning applications

Automotive applications

Valve Services

Control valves, Manual valves, Shut-down valves etc

Procurement: Procurement of control valves, manual valves, shut down valves etc that are of non-Emerson brand.

Testing & Repair: This involves the testing and certification of all types, brands and sizes of valves (hydro test, pneumatic test and gas test with nitrogen where applicable).

The test carried out for the valves are,

Seat leakage test: Each side of the valve seat is tested for leakage with the valve in closed position.

Shell or Cavity test: Here the valve is opened half way (50%) and tested from any side of the valve to ascertained if the valve is leaking from any part of the body, like packing body, bonnet.

Refurbishment & Retrofit:

Refurbishment: Here a failed valve is disassembled and the valve internals are inspected for wear, tear and seal failure. Any defective part is replaced with a spare and the valve is assembled again and tested to confirm that it is fit for use

Retrofit: This involves the modification of a valve initial assembly. It could be the installation of an actuator on a manual valve, the installation of a component on a valve to achieve a particular aim or objective. Note that the part or component being added to the valve was not part of the valve when the valve was manufactured.

Pressure Relief Valve: Testing and Certification: This involves the testing of the relief valve pop-up pressure set point to ascertain if the valve is properly calibrated and set or if the relief valve set pressure has been altered or if the relief valve has malfunctioned

Repair and Certification: Malfunctioned PSV’s are stripped open, this malfunctioning could be as a result of dirt, wear and tear, non-smooth surface. The fault is rectified and the relief valve tested again for certification.

Re-kitting and Certification: This is mostly with pilot operated valves, the seals and Orings may have worn out and hence not able to hold pressure.

Valve installation, hook-up calibration and commissioning: This involves valve installation, hook up torqueing, calibration and commissioning.

Conducting of onsite valve audit/inventory: This involves an engineer going to customer site to carry out a site walk and gather the details of all the installed valves data base (Manufacturer, type, model number, serial number) etc. It also involves the inspection of the valve for leakage & damage, valve location & ancillary equipment, inspect and assess maintenance records etc.

Mobile Test Bench: This is a containerized equipment which has a mobile valve test bench with tools and equipment needed for valve testing and valve repair. This is normally moved to customer site to render valve services instead of the customer bringing their valve to the workshop. This equipment can also be Leased out to customer on per day rate.