November 28, 2019
AOS Orwell on Local its Local Content Footprints In Nigeria


Local content development for the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry is not optional The Local Content Law of 2010 mandates oil and gas and support companies to comply with the guidelines, regulations and targets across several categories

AOS Orwell from inception, has been a true local content partner to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry prior to the establishment of the Local Content Laws


Local content is at the heart of our business strategy and it fuels the overall growth of AOS Orwell within a competitive business landscape It transcends due process to the actualization of local skill development needed to serve our customers well We work hard to maintain quality in service delivery through world-class benchmarking.



Local content development begins at home in terms of sourcing local skills and talent needed for the oil and gas industry to thrive. Over 90% of our staff strength, including direct and third party employees, are made up of Nigerians.

AOS Orwell has and continues to invest heavily in several levels of training and capacity building for sustained development of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. As at 2019, we have directly trained over 150 Engineers, in the areas of Fishing, Process Automation and Control and many other key aspects of the industry.

Local Value Chain

About 90% of the services that we render are carried out in-country thus impacting on overall economic returns This has created room for the kind of healthy competition that births professionalism and high standards of operation.

More Local Participation in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector

Our presence and focus have spiked local interests, investments and participation in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.


AOS Orwell owns an impressive collection of technical assets such as Machine and Fabrication shops, Instrumentation Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) Cabinets, Valve repair and maintenance shops, OCTG repair and maintenance facility, threading facilities and so much more.

The Local Content Act has empowered us be able to meet the growing demands of the E&Ps, saving them logistic and other costs as most of our services are offered in-country.


Partnering for success

Our support and contribution to true technology transfer and accelerated capacity development takes the form of several years of partnering with leading OEMs in the industry. We partner with Emerson, American Block, Vallurec, NOV, Oil States, and many more.

Certified for trust

We remain compliant in obtaining all necessary certifications and fulfilling all legal industry best practice standards. All our personnel undergo a detailed process of being certified and this is to ensure that we offer top-notch expertise on job delivery.

For example, we partner Lagos Energy Academy who provides access to Siemens internationally certified practical training Smart Engineering programmes across different segments of the oil and gas/electrical industry.

Local Content Exhibitions

We remain committed to showcasing our local content capabilities, tools, products and services as well as our successes and future outlook in the oil and gas servicing market across industry wide exhibitions and conferences such as the annual Practical Nigeria Content Conference.


University and Graduate Educational Grants

Over the years, AOS Orwell has invested millions in scholarship programmes for subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We reward students with N200,000 each during the annual ‘Math for Life’ competition. We also provide annual sponsorship to the Lagos Energy Academy ‘Smart Engineering’ programme for 50 participants Internally, we have a robust Learning Management System (LMS) where employees have access to several training material across a wide subject spectrum. We also engage in local and overseas certified training programmes for our staff.

Internship Programme

AOS Orwell runs a very active internship programme where there opportunities for career growth up the AOS Orwell ladder. The AOS Orwell GT network is also another initiative set up to create a network of young professionals that offer support, guidance and experience for new intakes.


Building local capacity

Our approach to developing local skills and capacity has evolved over the years as the challenges facing the industry and our businesses have changed. We have developed enough local capacity in-country to address these needs in a unique, customized and innovative way.


IN 20… we received the Shell award for the local content company of the year