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Welcome to the month of March, welcome to Women’s month; a month set aside to celebrate, highlight and discuss pertinent issues that have been swept under the carpet or have been overlooked in the course of fighting for women’s right.

In 1975, the United Nations (UN) began celebrating International Women’s Day and invited member states to proclaim March 8th as an official holiday for women’s rights and world peace.


This year, the theme #BreakTheBias shed light on the different but obvious forms of bias experienced both within and outside the work place by women in Nigeria and indeed all over the world; from issues bothering on the obvious elephants such as Gender inequality, Existing glass ceilings, Income gaps between genders, zero tolerance for expectant and nursing mothers, zero percent inclusion in the work place, etc.


It is however exciting that despite these challenges, more women are rising up to the occasion and are beginning to take their rightful seats at the table, chairing boards of companies including  Fortune 500 companies, taking up more senior management roles and shattering existing glass ceilings.


In commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day, AOS Orwell will be hosting a virtual event for its Ladies where they will have the opportunity to listen, learn and network with seasoned and successful Women who have broken the bias in their chosen fields.


As an organization, we remain committed to the continued drive for women’s rights in the work place and pledge our support for the actualization of Women breaking barriers of existing bias in the work place and in their chosen fields.


AOS Orwell Limited heartily congratulates Women all over the world on the successful celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration and wish women more success as they attain greater heights in their chosen endeavors.