Success Stories

First Sets of In-country Well Head Fabrication in Nigeria
  • First sets of wellheads fabricated in country.
  • 44 staff involved – all Nigerians.
  • SoW – heat transfer, welding, fitting, painting, grinding, bevelling, inspections, maintenance, QC & logistics.
  • KPI’s – on schedule project delivery, zero NPT’s and LTI’s , Technology transfer (Post Weld heat transfer, TIG welding process, implementation of latest procedures and technical specifications).
  • Certified by TOTAL and FMC.
Innovation at Work; Coupling of Bettis Actuator
Request was received from the joint venture operator to couple a Bettis actuator with a shutdown valve and conduct the functionality test.
Items supplied by Operator
  • 3”x 300# RF Ball valve
  • Bettis Actuator
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Regulator
  • Limit Switch
Description of actual work done
  • Design of the parts with dimensional drawings was produced by the shop team and approval obtained from the customer.
  • Shaft link was machined/mille d in the machine shop and the coupling brackets was fabricated to specification.
  • Stainless steel plate for the control panel was fabricated to specification.
  • SS tubings & fitting was installed on the control panel with the other free issued items (limit switch Solenoid valve and pressure regulator).
  • The Valve was pressure tested to confirm functionality.
  • All the various parts where assembled together as shown below.
  • Functionality test of the assembled valve-actuator was conduct and test report was issued to the customer.
Local fabrication using the weld shop and machine shop under our supervision
  • Bracket was fabricated
  • Shaft Link for milled and machined to specification
  • SS mounting Plate was fabricated
In-country Refurbishment of Xmas Tree
  • The operator had COMPOSITE XMAS TREE which should have been quarantined due to its deteriorated state. AOS Orwell team upon winning the contract uncoupled the component parts of the trees, pressure tested, refurbished and revamped it back to its maximum working condition of 5KPSI