Career Development

Career Development

Working with AOS Orwell is more than just a job. It is an opportunity for driven, ambitious people with a pioneering spirit that share a passion for our industry, to build a career with a successful, fast-growing global business.

As a learning Organization, we believe and foster continuous learning and development of our employees. We seek out trainings or on-the-job opportunities for developing skills and talents, having identified the learning gaps through our robust Competency assessment system.

We recognize that every individual has a deep yearning for growth thus we operate a structured process in a highly organized environment, to ensure that every single individual is not just given the freedom to aspire and to grow, but to take practical steps in moving towards their preferred future.

We hone your skills until you hit the apex of your capabilities, aligning your personal goals to the business goals. Once you understand the bigger picture, you are then able to seek new innovative ways of contributing to the overall success of the organization and inevitably, yours as well.  

Developing our employees’ skills begin with assessing which skills are important for each desired career path. See if your talents and attributes match:

Customer Support and Order Services

You are probably the first human contact and link between our customers and us – you are the friendly voice on the phone that understands their needs and co-ordinates all services, invoicing, supply and pricing matters to deliver total satisfaction. You understand that high-quality, efficient and friendly customer service are key to planning and achieving scalable growth in any oilfield service business.


You can interpret the business logic and market trends hidden in raw data and are familiar with Financial Accounting


You have what it takes to provide logistics support to an oil service operation safely, efficiently and cost effectively in line with industry and AOS Orwell operational safety standards and procedures.

Key / Customer Account Managers

You typically are a self-starter. You need little or no encouragement to hunt down new business opportunities. You have natural talent for building open, enduring customer relationships that generate revenue over time. As a key account Manager, you have proven you can help to deliver this growth.

Well Construction & Engineering

You are a natural multi-tasker and team motivator. Your experience in construction and the lifecycle of oil wells includes providing remedial and supplementary services throughout the energy value chain. You are logical and even-tempered and you deliver under pressure and in good time.

Information Technology

You have a flair for the digital, techy side of things. You enjoy playing around with codes and managing networks. You are even-tempered, able to work well with almost anyone, and still deliver promptly, while ensuring that all aspects of the IT process are functioning optimally for improved business operations.


You are passionate about the quality of life and health and the overall safety for yourself and of others around you. You are responsible, deliberate, alert and focused on meeting global Quality and Safety standards no matter what because you understand that they are the key to running a sustainable, successful oilfield service business.

Human Resource and General Support

You are an expert in your field with a professional approach and responsive attitude. You are friendly, transparent and rational. You have the ability to propose pragmatic, credible solutions to a purpose driven, fast-paced business.

Corporate Affairs & Marketing

You are a natural choice to spearhead the broadening mission of marketing in a highly competitive industry or a critical contributor to finding and meeting the unique needs of an ever more diversified and complex customer groups. You will be challenged with managing the rise of new media, our growing number of products and service touch points, and customer segments.

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