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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our inaugural Personality and Interactive session tagged- “AOSO Spotlight”. This series also known as Know Your Colleague is a brainchild of the Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Department. It will feature amazing personalities within the organization and outside (Guest Feature).

This series will also serve as an interactive portal where you can leave comments in the comment section.
Today’s edition features Jemi Oyan, an Executive Accounts Manager for Oiltools Africa Limited / Titan Tubular Nigeria Limited, a division of AOS Orwell Limited.

Let’s meet him:


  • What motivates you?

Wanting to be better than I was the previous day


  • Have you faced any challenges at work? If yes, please share your success story

Yes, I have. This one happened this year. We had just finished our first Intelligent Pigging campaign with an all-indigenous Team (no expatriate) for NLNG and we needed to get a large amount of data to the OEM for analysis. The team had downloaded the data on site with their laptop. However, we could not transmit the data from site to our OEM because there was no IT service provider that could transmit that amount of data (approx. 400GB of data). At the time our challenges were: The Team had another project immediately after the NLNG Project – Total AKPO ILI, offshore. Which meant Team was immediately unavailable to assist with resolving this challenge. Laptop having the data was not going to be available – which meant redownloading the data straight from the intelligent Pig. We had a deadline of a week after close of field works to get data to OEM and start the re-exporting of equipment to OEM. Client stated it will take 5 days to get the equipment from their site at Bonny to our facility in Port Harcourt – which meant we had 2 days to get this done. With the assistance of our IT who connected me real time to our OEM (outside working hours I should add), we were able to download data to my laptop and an external drive (which took a whole day) and send the external drive off before the re-exporting of the equipment. Going forward we resolved that we will always have a back-up external drive as contingency for when we have Intelligent Pigging jobs that we are executing ourselves. See picture of the downloading operation above.


Jemi doing what he knows how to do best


  • Your favourite quote?

“If you hate your neighbours so much that you buy a Lion and Lioness, train them to attack your neighbours and their children and then release the same lions into your community, you have obviously forgotten one vital point. Your lions will give birth to lion cubs who will neither know you or your children too. Eventually those cubs, will grow up, take over from their parents and you will be counted no different from your neighbours” – Jemi Oyan


  • What the most fun thing about your job?

The limitless networking possibilities to achieve my goals


  • What is your typical day like?

I plan the next day at the end of every day and I follow through on what my plans are for the day with the goal to achieving my work and family deliverables. I wake up at 5.45am with Devotion to God then I get ready for work. Upon arriving at the office, I start at 7.30am or 7.45am by going through my mails – if there are any urgent and important mails, I get that closed out. Then, at 9am, I move on to client related activities (which can involve conference calls, virtual meetings or physical meetings). This normally involves coming up with strategies to solve clients’ issues so it takes a better part of the day, as it will include collaborating with internal and external stakeholders. I typically have my meetings scheduled on my MST (so if there are any for the day – whether internal or external, I attend them). If I am in the office during break time, I use a part of it to socialize with my colleagues and sometimes information / advise on how to resolve challenges in achieving deliverables is given and taken. At about 2pm, I typically will be looking at important but not urgent mails/call to answer and close them out. During work closing hours I reflect on my day, see what needs to be done better the next day and then plan for the next day. When I get home, it is time to exercise so I go for brisk walk and jogging for about an 1 hour 30 minutes (does not always happen – sometimes work follows me home in the form of meetings or urgent and important calls or deliverables). However, I do my best to close my day with spending time with my family and prayers.


  • Are you an early riser?

I am by default. I am a very light sleeper – I have people who are giddy morning people in my life, so once they get up, I am up (lol).


  • Old school or New School?

I can adapt to both


  • If you were an actor, who would it be and why?

Keanu Reeves. He is one of the biggest Actors in the world but that hasn’t changed his kind, gentle and humble character. In addition, he has no controversy around his personal and career life. He is also an EXCELLENT ACTOR!


  • Tell us your favourite Nigerian Slang

Work no dey finish, na man dey finish


  • Favourite Musician (Nigerian / African/ International)

Stevie Wonder; and his best song (and my best song) is – They Won’t Go When I Go

Thank you for the feature.


Guess you enjoyed reading this and learning a few new things about Jemi, see you next week Thursday when we spotlight another amazing personality from AOS Orwell.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the week.