OCTG Supply Chain Management

You need customized solutions to meet your diverse well programs and expert advice for integrated OCTG Supply Chain Management within Nigeria and West-Africa.

We provide you with end-to-end Conductor Casing and Tubing products and services, using our expertise to help you save time and cost and effectively manage your inventory and logistics.

Machine Shop and Fabrication Services

We provide you with specialized services for Inspection, Bucking, Thread Repair and Banding overlay to overhaul your drillpipe and casing strings.

We are fully API Certified and work with world-class tubular manufacturers, to help extend the life of your equipment using highly skilled maintenance and repair experts.

Integrated Pipeline Services

You can maintain the integrity of your pipelines using our proven pipeline services in the areas of Pigging and Intelligent Pigging, Hydrotesting and Pre-commissioning.

Our experience and innovative expertise will help keep your pipelines clean and prevent leaks. You can be sure to get the right technical assistance needed for excellent in-country service.

Coating Services

We can help you overcome serious challenges that stem from salt water corrosion and chemical attack.

Let your jobs enjoy great subsea visibility, lower maintenance costs, less downtime and resistance to rust and chemical attack with our latest Xylan Coating technology. You can get the highest guarantees for the best performance from protective coatings for your offshores services.

Upstream Spares and Procurement

Upstream Spares and Procurement For your Upstream Equipment Spares-Procurement and Supply services in Nigeria and West-Africa, we can help you source and supply a wide range of manufactured products that are linked to the exploration and delivery of Oil and Gas products.

You can be sure that we will deliver reliable, honest world-class services to meet your specific demands, on spec, on time and within your budget.

Fire and Gas Monitoring Equipment.

From your offshore drilling platforms, to your refineries and pipeline compressor stations, our Fire and Gas Monitoring solutions are known to be well suited for high-value, high-risk, oil and gas applications. We partner with leading suppliers in the industry to guarantee you flexibility, functionality and reliability even in the most extreme and remote environments.